The studio visit


There are many reasons for the studio visit.  A curator might be looking for his next exhibition, an artist wants to show his work to a collector, a gallery is interested in representing the artist, or an art lover just wants to see his favourite artist in action.

There are many ways to go about a studio visit.  Some artists have work displayed in a gallery style, some might just have images of their works to show. Keep in mind that when you have a visitor to your studio it is best to have examples of your current work at hand.  It can result in an awkward situation when your visitor is interested in a style that you no longer use.

If an artist is represented by a gallery, it really isn’t the done thing to buy art directly from the artist studio.  The gallery has the responsibility of  showcasing and marketing the art, as well  as having the responsibility of housing the art while taking the financial aspects of the art business off of the artist’s shoulders.

Here are a few tips when visiting an artist’s studio:

  • Keep in mind that  a studio is usually a sacred space for an artist.  So treat it with respect.  Don’t move anything or go through the artist’s belongings.
  • Make an appointment and state how long you will be staying,  40 mins should be enough time for a first visit.
  • Treat it as though you are in someone’s home.
  • Also keep in mind that art is a way of making a living,  so  be as professional as can be.  That means no texting or taking phone calls and blaring music.


Here are a few tips when you have  a guest at your studio:

  • Do have have some kind of beverage to offer.  It doesn’t have to be wine. Water, tea, coffee or juice will be just fine.
  • Do welcome your visitors as guests, don’t make them feel like they are intruding.
  • Don’t say anything negative about another artist, his work or a gallery.
  • Don’t insinuate that people are stupid for not understanding your work.  It is your job as an artist to make your meaning as clear as possible.
  • In the same vain, do not insult anyone for not recognising your genius.
  • Don’t complain about shows or exhibitions you haven’t gotten.
  • Don’t show unavailable pieces, it creates unnecessary confusion.


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