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    Why are some artists worth more financially than others?
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    Have you ever wondered why some works of art can reach millions at auction whereas some works don’t even make a splash?   According to Michael Findlay, the author of The Value of Art: “Human stipulation and declaration create and sustain the commercial value [of art].” There are two main art markets. The Primary and […]

    Caring for your art
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    Taking care of the art that you’ve collected with passion and love is as important as displaying it.  Like most things in life you need to maintain the things you love.   Here are a few tips on making sure you art is cared for properly, all of which you can do yourself at home: […]

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    What is the purpose of art?
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    In the first few chapters of Art as Therapy by Alain de Botton and John Armstrong they discuss the point of art.  De Botton and Armstrong suggest that art is there to help mankind with its short-comings  and “psychological frailties”.  What frailties are those exactly, you might wonder?  They list seven: 1.  Our inability to […]