Case Study: Doctor’s Office

Crossing the Red Sea -Liffey Speller

Here is an example of how I would go about putting together an art collection for a doctor’s office and waiting room:

I would advise art that has a soothing and calming  effect.  I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want when I’m feeling ill is a vibrant artwork, full of movement and colour, or worse images of the dissected human body! The aim is to put the patient at ease and to keep them as comfortable as possible throughout the doctor’s appointment.

Secondly I would  ascertain the personal taste(s) of the practitioner(s) and relevant staff members.  I would do this by showing them a portfolio of artworks that I have collected over time.  Once I am familiar with the look and feel they are looking for, I will be able to source artworks that best suit their needs. In this case, this particular doctor’s office, is drawn to mild coloured abstract paintings.   It has also been decided that there is a need for 5 paintings in total. One for behind the reception desk,  one in the doctor’s consulting area and three paintings for the waiting area.

Waiting  Area:

Crossing the Red Sea -Liffey Speller

Liffey Speller, Crossing The Red Sea
Oil on canvas
W:55.5cm x H:35.5cm x D:4cm

Dance Beneath the Diamond Sky - Liffey Speller

Liffey Speller, Dance Beneath the Diamond Sky
Oil and enamel on canvas
W:76cm x H:91cm x D:3.5cm

One Day Many Years Ago - Liffey Speller

I have chosen these three paintings by Liffey Speller, because they create a sense of calmness and rest.  I chose one painting that contains mainly a light pink colour for two reasons; to create some contrast with the two black and white paintings, which will create a bit of visual interest.  Pink is also a calming colour.  Ever heard of the term drunk tank pink? In the late seventies jail sells were painted in the colour known as Baker-Miller Pink and violent behaviour was monitored before and after the wall colour was changed.  Only fifteen minutes of exposure was enough to ensure that the potential for violent or aggressive behaviour had been reduced.


Regi Bardavid, Imaginary Landscape,2012. Oil and beeswax on canvas.  170 x 100 x 5 cm

Regi Bardavid, Imaginary Landscape,2012.
Oil and beeswax on canvas.
170 x 100 x 5 cm

I chose this piece by for the reception area.  The calming pink colour links nicely with the painting by Speller that is situated in the waiting area.  The image has a deep soothing effect due to  its calming colours .  The aim for this painting is not only to create good cheer within the patients, but also amongst the reception staff, in-order to deliver a friendly and helpful service.

The Consultation Area:

Zaan Claassens - Watery Green Pond

Zaan Claassens, Watery Green Pond, 2012
Oil on canvas
W:154cm x H:122cm x D:4cm

For the Consultation Area I decided to use this stunning work by Zaan Classen.  This painting has a wonderfully soothing effect. Thanks to the colour scheme the artwork will not be a source of distraction for the patient.  This is important aspect for a consultation area, where diagnoses are made and course of treatment and procedures are explained.



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