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Taking care of the art that you’ve collected with passion and love is as important as displaying it.  Like most things in life you need to maintain the things you love.   Here are a few tips on making sure you art is cared for properly, all of which you can do yourself at home:

  • Dusting your art is important.  Be sure to use a soft, fine and dry brush. To dust the frame use a damp (not wet) cloth to wipe away any dirt or any technique used on furniture, provided that the material of the frame allows it.
  • Keep works  away from humid areas such as bathrooms or next a kettle or stove. This can be to0 hot and humid for most pieces of art.
  • Similarly keeping art directly above heat sources such as radiators, heaters and fireplaces should be avoided. The severe fluctuation in temperatures will certainly damage you beloved art piece.
  • Keeping your art away from the fire place will also minimise the build up of soot and grime over the years.
  • Do not hang works on paper in sunny spots, this can cause the paper to yellow.  If it is unavoidable then consider having the piece framed with a UV protective glass.  The down side to this is that UV glass is costly.  It is also highly reflective and in most cases works on paper are framed in non-reflective etched glass as not to reflect everything in the room.
  • Oil paintings should also not be hung in direct sunlight at this might cause discolouration.
  • Handle your art as little as possible.  But when you do handle it make sure your hands are clean and wear no moisturisers as the oils might damage the work.
  • Do not clean your art with any kind of chemicals! Leave that to the professionals.

If  for some reason your piece of art does come to some harm take it to be professionally restored.  In most cases a rip or a stain can be repaired.

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