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    Finding Your Tribe
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    For some people finding their tribe is as easy as sending a tweet.  For others it is a real struggle.  If you are anything like me, you fall in the second group.  I have yet to find my tribe, but these are the places I’ll be searching for them. What is a tribe and why […]

    How sharing your work can benefit your career
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    As a creative entrepreneur, getting your work noticed is on the top of the agenda.  According to Austin Kleon it is as easy as showing your work. How exactly does one go about showing your work? In order to get an audience for your work, you need to be ‘findable’.  Be active on social media […]

  • On-line Galleries & Artist Communities
    Showing your work (Part2)
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    Commercial galleries are not the only places to show art. It might be worth considering the following options for getting your work in front of members of the public. On-line Galleries & Artists Communities There are many websites that function like on-line registries except they are not necessarily  affiliated with any particular venue, such as: […]

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    Showing your work (Part 1)
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    Commercial galleries are not the only places to show art.  To find the right kind of venue work your work there is a lot to consider. What kind of artist are you? What subjects does your art relate to? What are you trying to accomplish through your art? Who is your audience? What affect do […]

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    Workshop: Foundation of Studio Practice
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    Running a studio whilst making art can sometimes be an overwhelming task.  The aim of this workshop is to give in an introduction to the foundation of studio practice. This 2 hour long workshop covers the following Balancing your time : How to balance your studio time with life and work. How to create an […]

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    Keeping an inventory of your work
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    <a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> Keeping an inventory of your work enables you to be more in control of your art practice.  In one quick look you can determine which artworks are in your possession, which ones are not (and where they are) and which of your works have been sold, and to whom. […]

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    Why are some artists worth more financially than others?
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    Have you ever wondered why some works of art can reach millions at auction whereas some works don’t even make a splash?   According to Michael Findlay, the author of The Value of Art: “Human stipulation and declaration create and sustain the commercial value [of art].” There are two main art markets. The Primary and […]

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    The studio visit
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    There are many reasons for the studio visit.  A curator might be looking for his next exhibition, an artist wants to show his work to a collector, a gallery is interested in representing the artist, or an art lover just wants to see his favourite artist in action. There are many ways to go about […]

    Caring for your art
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    Taking care of the art that you’ve collected with passion and love is as important as displaying it.  Like most things in life you need to maintain the things you love.   Here are a few tips on making sure you art is cared for properly, all of which you can do yourself at home: […]

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    How to price artwork
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    Putting a price on something one has painstakingly created out of nothing is a difficult thing to do.  Unfortunately if you are an artist, then that is something you just have to do. When it comes to pricing artwork there are a few things to consider; Do not price with your emotions- When pricing with […]

  • Crossing the Red Sea -Liffey Speller
    Case Study: Doctor’s Office
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    Here is an example of how I would go about putting together an art collection for a doctor’s office and waiting room: I would advise art that has a soothing and calming  effect.  I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want when I’m feeling ill is a vibrant artwork, full of movement […]